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Merced/Stanislaus County Line

14 x 48 Double-Sided Digital Billboard

Turlock, CA is located between Modesto and Merced along Hwy 99 in the heart of California. The thriving city of Turlock is only 4 miles north of the sign location with a population of over 72,000, while Modesto has a population of nearly 205,000. Our digital billboard on Hwy 99 has high visibility from both directions and is the only digital billboard along HWY 99 in Merced County. Close by is an array of shopping centers and plazas that draw consumers from surrounding cities and towns. “Welcome to Merced County” is displayed atop the sign for southbound traffic to view, drawing added attention to the already prominent digital screen. With a D.E.C of 95,000, and being located on the Merced and Stanislaus County line, advertising on this sign is a great way to get noticed.

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