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San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

10 x 30 Digital Billboard

This high definition, 10 mm, 10’ x 30’ digital billboard is located on the busy intersection of South Airport Way and Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd.  Around 44,600 vehicles, both local traffic and commercial, pass through this intersection every day.  The San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is also home to many local exhibits and events that draw people from surrounding cities and towns.  With a constant flow of traffic, and being located on two busy thoroughfares, your advertisement on this sign is sure to get noticed!

Stockton Metro Airport

8 x 16 Digital Billboard

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport currently offers non-stop flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix-Mesa. Airport advertising is the ideal venue to connect with both business and leisure passengers; who on average, spend over an hour in an airport before departure. Studies show that 3 out of 4 people will read your advertising message, and a recent Nielsen study shows that nearly 60 percent of travelers believe that advertising in airports is an indicator of high-quality brands and products. With all major Northern California Cities located less than a two-hour drive away, and a diverse captive audience, the Stockton Metropolitan Airport is a great place to get noticed.

Unit ID 917706 Airport interior photo 2.jpg

Stockton / Lodi
Hwy 99, 8 Mile Rd.

14 x 48 Double-Sided Digital Billboard

Built in early 2021, this 14’ x 48’, double- sided digital billboard is located on Hwy 99 in Morada, CA. The sign location is a short 10-minute drive south of downtown Lodi, and a 13-minute drive north of downtown Stockton. Traffic to and from Sacramento, Elk Grove, Lodi, and Stockton pass by this location every day. Morada itself has over 4,000 residents with the median household income being $147,564, and the median property value being $673,700. Both the north and south faces of this sign provide massive exposure and are sure to be a great way to get noticed!

Hwy 99 Morada Digital Billboard ANchor Billboards.jpg
Hwy 99 Cherokee Digitals.jpg

Stockton Hwy 99 / Cherokee Rd.

14 x 48 Double-Sided Digital Billboard

Built in 2021, about halfway through Stockton on Hwy 99, this 14’ x 48’, double-sided digital billboard demands attention. The board has around 92,000 vehicles pass by it every day, giving around 138,000 daily impressions. People traveling to and from Sacramento, Manteca, Modesto, and Stockton frequent this section of Hwy 99. This billboard is also a great location to target travelers heading into the foothills and California’s Gold Country. If you are looking to promote your business, event or organization, this is a great way to get noticed!

Stockton Jr. Poster Billboards

Static Jr. Billboards

With 144 advertising faces in Stockton, Jr. Posters are a great way to bring your message to a local audience. Our Jr. Posters are located along busy city and county streets along with smaller neighborhood roads, taking your message closer to home. These boards are a great way to target specific markets and advertise time sensitive material.

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