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San Joaquin County Fairgrounds

10 x 30 Digital Billboard

The San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, located in Stockton, is one of Northern California’s premier fairgrounds. It is home to many local exhibits and events, with the Stockton Asparagus Festival alone attracting over 100,000 visitors each year. The San Joaquin County Fair itself attracts around 50,000 visitors and Winners Gaming and Sports Emporium keeps a steady flow of people visiting year round. With a constant flow of traffic, and being located on two busy thoroughfares, your advertisement at the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is sure to get noticed.

Stockton Airport Exterior

7 x 16 Double-Sided Digital Billboard

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport currently offers non-stop flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix-Mesa, and San Diego. also utilizes the Stockton Airport with daily chartered air cargo flights. Being located only three miles southeast of downtown Stockton, hotels, restaurants and the Port of Stockton are all within a 20 minute drive. Hwy 99 and I-5 are both easy to access and all major Northern California Cities are less than a two-hour drive from the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Airport Way and Arch Road, both main thoroughfares, pass by the airport, creating a heavy mixture of commercial and local traffic. Our Stockton Airport digital sign is the perfect location to reach thousands of travelers, vacationers, commercial clients, and ultimately get noticed.

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Unit ID 917706 Airport interior photo 2.
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Stockton Airport Interior

8 x 16 Digital Billboard

The Stockton Metropolitan Airport currently offers non-stop flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix-Mesa, and San Diego. Airport advertising is the ideal venue to connect with both business and leisure passengers; who on average, spend over an hour in an airport before departure. Studies show that 3 out of 4 people will read your advertising message, and a recent Nielsen study shows that nearly 60 percent of travelers believe that advertising in airports is an indicator of high-quality brands and products. The study also showed that over one-third of the surveyed travelers visited a website or used an app to find out more about a product or service they saw advertised inside an airport. With all major Northern California Cities located less than a two-hour drive away, and a diverse captive audience, the Stockton Metropolitan Airport is a great place to get noticed.

Stockton Jr. Poster Billboards

Static Jr. Billboards

With Nearly 150 advertising faces in Stockton, Jr. Posters are a great way to bring your message to a local audience. Our Jr. Posters are located along busy city and county streets along with smaller neighborhood roads, taking your message closer to home. These boards are a great way to target specific markets and advertise time sensitive material.